Welcome to the Market Ready system that's going to change your listings game!

Hey guys! I’m so glad you joined the family and will be using my Get Your House Market Ready system to take your agents listings to the next level!

The process to get started is very simple. One of our representatives will be in touch with you shortly. Then they will email you a custom link for your agents to access the system.

There will also be a custom link for the agents to send to their new and even existing listings. We will include a form email they can use if they like. 


Get Your House Market Ready

Marketing Ideas...

Encourage your agents to use the Get Your House Market Ready system as a marketing tool. It sets them apart and we've seen when agents offer this as a free gift during a listing presentation the chance of getting the listing goes way up!

There are also agents focusing on expired listings and by offering this proven system to homeowners as a free gift they are getting the listings and putting them back on the market.

I can't wait to hear how my market ready system impacts your agents and your business!


Micah's gift to you: The Five Steps to Success!

Before Sean was my husband I helped him get his house Market Ready. His house sat for weeks until I came in and used my proven methods AND much to his surprise it sold in only 24 hours! Well, it just so happens that my amazing husband has been working with people in personal development as a speaker and coach since 1998. When he offered to give you his Five Steps to Success, I jumped all over it! You guys are going to love the insight and wisdom he shares. Just click on the link and put in the password 5stepsforme .


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