Are you tired of your agents babysitting unpredictable sellers and seeing their valuable time wasted!

Are you tired of seeing other brokerages post, “HOUSE SOLD!” in days when your listings go weeks or months?


Just wait until you see what I’ve discovered that will boost your income and referrals.

Do you believe you’re worthy of the next level of success? (I know you are!).

Over the years, I’ve met thousands of real estate agents.  I’ve had a behind-the-scenes look at the industry dealing with brokers, agents and homeowners.  One surprising commonality I’ve found with the most successful real estate agents is, when listing a home, they ALWAYS used a stager. Why?

Because Market Ready houses sell 79% faster and for 6-25% more money!

The most successful agents use a stager at EVERY house because they know it saves them time and makes them more money.  I know what you’re about to say, “But Micah, my agents can’t afford a stager on every house and spending $250 - $2500 every transaction isn’t an option!” 

No one has thousands to spend every year on staging. I understand and this is why I created the Get Your House Market Ready system! For people JUST LIKE YOU!


> If you want more listings for your agents.

> If you want to set your brokerage apart.

> If you want to simplify the listing process and make getting a house Market Ready easy.

> If you want to help your brand-new agents and your established agents.

Discover the most powerful house selling system to EVER hit the real estate market!

SAVE valuable time! Your agents greatest resource!

FEEL confident when agents list a house!

LESS stress in the Market Ready process!

KNOW your listings will STAND OUT!

MAKE agents more money!

EMPOWER agents clients to sell their house!

SEE your closings and referrals increase!


Room by Room

Step by Step

I take your sellers through the Market Ready process.


  • Master occupied stager Micah Abbananto takes the sellers through an entire home consultation shown in a series of SHORT VIDEOS. She has created this comprehensive but easy to follow system using her proven method and extensive knowledge of the science of staging
  • A series of short videos where Micah goes step by step, room by room teaching the science of staging and sharing her Market Ready secrets in a HOME CONSULTATION
  • Fifteen downloadable GRAPHICS complementing the videos covering topics from furniture placement to making a beautiful bed, etc.!
  • Downloadable MASTER LISTS where the sellers can check off tasks as they watch the videos and keep track of their progress!
  • BONUS features including an interview with Micah where she shares more Market Ready secrets and even downloadable paint color guides! 
  • THREE ENCOURAGING EMAILS from Micah following up with the sellers to keep them motivated.



Designer and Master Occupied Stager


Let me share a little bit about myself because I know the STRUGGLE is real!  I remember being a new stager and battling to make a living. 

When I launched my business I was SCARED, felt INCOMPETENT and had to push through every day to build my business.  I was a single mom to three kids, with no child support and starting my own business… I remember that desperate feeling of needing to get jobs.

My least favorite part was putting myself out there, on social media and networking!  Introducing myself as a stager and being completely unsure of their response.

I also looked at other stagers in my market and their stuff was so beautiful and looked expensive. I didn’t have all that, but we all have to start somewhere right?!? You know what I had to do in the beginning?  I used my OWN furniture.  We went without our couch, chairs, headboards and accessories for months while I bought more and grew my business.

I kept going, believing and I discovered that my approach to market ready was different and more importantly, IT WORKED BETTER! I knew I had to get what I had discovered out to agents everywhere! 

Trust me I get it!

Here is a picture of our outdoor furniture in our living room so we had something to sit on! LOL

So, when I say I know… I lived it, but let’s get back to you and how I know I can help!

The Get Your House Market Ready System is PACKED and your agents get UNLIMITED uses:

  • Master occupied stager Micah Abbananto takes the sellers through an entire home consultation shown in a series of SHORT VIDEOS. She has created this comprehensive but easy to follow system using her proven method and extensive knowledge of the science of staging
  • A series of short videos where Micah goes step by steproom by room teaching the science of staging and sharing her Market Ready secrets in a HOME CONSULTATION
  • Fifteen downloadable GRAPHICS complementing the videos covering topics from furniture placement to making a beautiful bed, etc.!
  • Downloadable MASTER LISTS where the sellers can check off tasks as they watch the videos and keep track of their progress!
  • BONUS features including an interview with Micah where she shares more Market Ready secrets and even downloadable paint color guides! 
  • THREE ENCOURAGING EMAILS from Micah following up with the sellers to keep them motivated.
  • AND I didn't forget your agents! Your agents get "The Five Steps to Success” for FREE!!!  These five powerful audio downloads by mindset coach and keynote speaker Sean Abbananto will encourage your agents and challenge them to embrace the greatness within.


"Get Your House Market Ready has been a game changer for me! As an exclusive listing Realtor my main objective is to showcase my listings in the best possible appearance. Previously I would take photos of the house with my cell phone, send an email to the sellers with a detailed description along with the photos of how to get their house ready for the market. I spent hours in the back and forth process. When this program came along it completely took that task off my plate. And not only took it off my plate but professionalized that step of the process for me. Now I simply personalize the email template to my seller and send that link. And like magic my sellers call me and are ready for photos. The house looks great and most importantly balanced and we are ready to hit the market looking our very best. Love it! "

Kathy Griffith


"I am a fan of Micah! The first time I used her was with a home that had been on the market for 6 months. She made some great recommendations and we sold within 4 days. I 100% trust her market ready recommendations. I consider Micah an indispensable force in my "toolkit" of industry professionals that leverages my success as a real estate agent."

Becky Seda


"Micah and her team are incredible! Our house was on the market for 4 months prior to Micah's consultation. After following her recommendations, we sold our home within 24 hours! I highly recommend anything she does!"

Amber Payne
Home Owner


"We love what you have done for us and the job you continuously do for the families that we work with. It is an absolute joy to work with you and your team. Thank you for helping us and our agents by delivering the results you do. We look forward to working with you for a very long time! You are the Market Ready Queen!"

Eli & Abbie Davis
Broker & Property Manager


  • A step by step, room by room home consultation where I explain the science of staging and share my Market Ready secrets. VALUE $2,500
  • Fifteen downloadable graphics covering topics from furniture placement and shelf staging to making a beautiful bed, etc. VALUE $750
  • Downloadable Master Lists where the sellers can check off tasks as they are completed and track their progress. VALUE $625
  • BONUS #1 An interview format where I share even more Market Ready secrets.  VALUE $750
  • BONUS #2 Downloadable paint color guides. Additional upgrades you get absolutely FREE!!! VALUE $550
  • Three encouraging emails from me to the sellers to help keep them motivated. VALUE $PRICELESS
  • and your AGENTS get "The Five Steps to Success” for FREE!!!  These five powerful audio downloads by mindset coach and keynote speaker Sean Abbananto will encourage and challenge them to embrace the greatness within. VALUE $500


 Your investment with UNLIMITED uses for your agents is based upon how many agents you have.

An individual agent would spend $47.00 a month or 497.00 a year. Brokerage options save you and your agents BIG TIME!!

My guarantee to you!

Get your hands on the Get Your House Market Ready system. It will be the best gift you can give your clients and yourself to impact your business. I’ll give you two options. A 60 Day money back guarantee or I believe in my system so much that if for any reason, after using this during your initial 6-months with home sellers, you honestly feel I did not deliver on the information promised, I will give you an additional 6 months at no additional cost to you so you can continue to use this amazing system.

It’s got to be the best step-by-step system you’ve ever seen for elevating your entire customer experience, multiplying your income and increasing your confidence in getting houses Market Ready. I’m 100% confident that my Get Your House Market Ready system will be the most powerful, most transformative, and most results-oriented real estate tool ever created.

I am also offering lifetime free updates at no cost to you.  

Customer Service Department at [email protected]

Don't lose time and money ever again by letting unpredictable sellers not have your listings truly Market Ready!

2019 is shaping up to be a buyers market. The buyers eye has been conditioned by HGTV so your listings HAVE to STAND OUT! 

Take advantage of this POWERFUL system and Micah's EXPERT advice so your listings blow buyers away and get those offers rolling in!

Why would you list another house and risk that it's not Market Ready?


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