Get Market Ready Now!

In a sellers market what is your edge to get the listing? 

Inventory is low and agents are fighting for listings!

What can you do to set yourself apart from the crowd? 

Discover the revolutionary new digital Market Ready system being used by real estate agents nationwide that: 


Attracts more sellers!

Gives you tremendous leverage in your listing presentations!

Turns your sellers into market ready stagers!

Takes the stress out of the Market Ready process!

Elevates your client experience creating more referrals!


"Get Your House Market Ready"

A Simple Step-By-Step System You “Gift” Your Sellers That Will Literally Transform Them Into Stagers... And Their House Into A Market Ready Masterpiece!

No more moving things yourself on picture day, helping your photographer stage, running back and forth to get the house ready, babysitting unpredictable sellers. Stress free, saves time and money!

Get Your House Market-Ready System

Three Simple Steps That Will Change Your Listings Forever.

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Meet The Creator... 
Micah Abbananto

As a Master Occupied Strategist, I’ve had a behind-the-scenes look at the real estate industry and this is what I've discovered. The most successful real estate agents when listing a home ALWAYS use a stager. Why? Because market ready houses sell 79% faster and for 6-25% more money!

But...I know what you’re about to say, “Micah, I can’t afford a stager on every house!  I don’t have hundreds or thousands to spend every year on staging!” 

I understand and this is why I created the "Get Your House Market Ready" system for real estate agents JUST LIKE YOU!

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Micah Abbananto

Room by Room

Micah Abbananto

Step by Step

Micah Abbananto

I take your sellers through the Market Ready process.

Benefits For You...

The Real Estate Agent

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Before You Get The Listing

Having this system helps YOU market yourself competitively, positioning yourself as someone that uses only the BEST market ready tools and strategies so that you absolutely get the listing.

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Getting The House Listed

Having this system brings consistency and excellence to the otherwise chaotic Market Ready process after a listing agreement is signed!.

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After The House Sells

Elevates the seller experience, enhancing your reputation, assuring more referrals and repeat business. Which increases your income!

Benefits For The Homeowner...

The Seller

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Before They Choose
A Real Estate Agent

Sellers have a lot of options.  Let's make it easier for them to choose YOU as their agent. Impress them by offering a SYSTEM that they actually get for free. Demonstrate your professionalism and commitment to getting their house SOLD.  

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As They Are Getting Their 
House Prepared For Photos

Easy to access online , 24/7 , convenient, easy to follow, step by step, room by room, covers all aspects of the market ready process---transforming the appeal of the house inside and outside.  Minimizes the overwhelm sellers feel during this stressful transition of changing homes.

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After The House Is
Market Ready

Pleased with the photos and presentation of the house online, number of showings and potential buyers that were attracted, with offers coming in and how quickly the house sold.


Come with me....


See What Agents And Home Owners Are Saying

Micah Abbananto

Kathy Griffith
Real Estate Agent


Get Your House Market Ready has been a Game Changer for me! As an exclusive listing Realtor my main objective is to showcase my listings in the best possible appearance.

Previously I would take photos of the house with my cell phone, send an email to the sellers with a detailed description along with the photos of how to get their house ready for the market. I spent hours in the back and forth process. Now I simply personalize the email template to my seller and send that link. And like magic my sellers call me and are ready for photos. The house looks great and most importantly balanced and we are ready to hit the market looking our very best. Love it!

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Jessica Hensley
Real Estate Agent and Founder
Mega Moms Realtor Group


I have loved incorporating the Get Your House Market Ready system into my listing plan. My sellers feel more confident and in control of the process. When they follow Micah's advice their house sells faster and for more money! I love that I have this tool to offer my clients and it's saving me hundreds if not thousands of dollars in staging and consulting fees. I wouldn't go without this system in my business.

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Becky Seda
Real Estate Agent


I am a fan of Micah!  The first time I used her was with a home that had been on the market for 6 months.  She made some great recommendations and we sold within 4 days.  I 100% trust her market ready recommendations. I consider Micah an indispensable force in my "toolkit" of industry professionals that leverages my success as a real estate agent.

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Amber Payne


Micah and her team are incredible! Our house was on the market for 4 months prior to Micah's consultation. After following her recommendations, we sold our home within 24 hours! I highly recommend anything she does!

Get Your House Market Ready

The Get Your House Market Ready System is PACKED and you get UNLIMITED uses:

Master occupied strategist Micah Abbananto takes your clients through an entire home consultation shown in a series of SHORT VIDEOS.
She has created this comprehensive but easy to follow system using her extensive knowledge of the science of staging and the Market Ready process. 

Included In This Market Ready System

🏠 A series of short videos where Micah goes step by steproom by room, teaching the science of staging and sharing her Market Ready secrets in a HOME CONSULTATION

🏠 Fifteen downloadable GRAPHICS complementing the videos covering topics from furniture placement to making a beautiful bed, etc.!

🏠 Downloadable MASTER LISTS where your clients can check off tasks as they watch the videos and keep track of their progress!

🏠 BONUS features including an interview with Micah where she shares more Market Ready secrets and even downloadable paint color guides!

🏠 THREE ENCOURAGING EMAILS from Micah following up with your agents clients to keep them motivated.

🏠 Additional LIFETIME UPGRADES you get absolutely FREE!!!

🏠 AND she didn't forget you! You get "The Five Steps to Success” for FREE!!!  These five powerful audio downloads by mindset coach and keynote speaker Sean Abbananto will encourage and challenge you to embrace the greatness within.

OVER $5,000.00 IN VALUE! 

UNLIMITED USES and FREE Lifetime Updates!


$47 a month
$19.99 a month

Top Features:

  • Competitive Advantage
  • Unlimited Access
  • Proven Market Ready System
  • Resources For Your Sellers
  • Sell Your Listings Faster
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$497 a year
$197.99 a year

Top Features:

  • Competitive Advantage
  • Unlimited Access
  • Proven Market Ready System
  • Resources For Your Sellers
  • Sell Your Listings Faster
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Frequently Asked Questions

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My Guarantee To You!

Get your hands on the Get Your House Market Ready system. It will be the best gift you can give your clients and yourself to impact your business. I’ll give you a 30 Day money back guarantee if for any reason you honestly feel I did not deliver on the information promised.

It’s got to be the best step-by-step system you’ve ever seen for elevating your entire customer experience, multiplying your income and increasing your confidence in getting houses Market Ready. I’m 100% confident that my Get Your House Market Ready system will be the most powerful, most transformative, and most results-oriented real estate tool ever created.

I am also offering lifetime free updates at no cost to you.