2020 Design Trends

Dec 21, 2019

I am a child of the 80’s and let me tell you I’ve seen many design trends come and go and even come back; with a more modern sophisticated twist of course! 

My very first “designed” bedroom was as child around the age of 8. My whole bedroom was wallpapered in a “80’s blue” backdrop with a little white and pink bow detail on it. I had a shelf, with corbels of course, that went around the whole top part of my room to display my ungodly amount of teddy bears (I had somewhere around 70)! My antique roll top desk was my prize and joy because I felt so adult doing pretend office work with my best friend Cheryl. My bedding was a quilt made by my mema Taylor with my huge teddy bear named Gruff McDuff at the head to hide behind at night when I was scared.

I absolutely loved my room! Back then I don’t remember any friends who had a room “designed” so it really felt special.

Side note: A huge shout out to my mom who always instilled in me to care about the space I lived in and who helped me on every endeavor including wall papering my whole room.

**Moment of silence for her sacrifice please!!**

As look over my own life, I see so many choices and most have been buried to never come back.. thank goodness. However, there are elements of the past that always remain true and love to come back in current ways. I have so many clients worry and ask, “but will that be in style in 10 years?”  As a designer it’s my least favorite question only because it shows that my clients focus is more on what they are creating and how it will be perceived by others rather than going for what makes them happy and fills their soul.  Thankfully, many trends up and coming do have a timeless element while intertwining it with some bold choices. It’s my desire to help you rest your fears, embrace who you are and have the courage to go for it. Let’s talk about a few…


Bold Color


Color is always on trend, but it’s come on in full force in every textile, paint and flooring application you can find.  I have painted a whole kitchen a deep rich blue and even appliances are appearing with color!

So, here is the deal with color… just go for it!  Color makes us feel and it also helps bring a space to life.  Don’t be afraid to commit and show off your favorite color in your home. In high school my favorite color was brown. I am not sure what that says about me but there you have it! LOL My favorite colors have always been neutral. Currently, I gravitate towards cream and black with a mixture of patterns rather than color.

However, I just bought a TEAL velvet couch!?! Yes, me queen of black and cream! LOL I am getting used to it and trying to embrace and learn to design the rest of my living room around it. I can’t decide if I am keeping it or sending it off with my oldest when she goes to college. sigh.. I also bought a rose comforter and I absolutely hate it (don’t tell my husband) because I just crave the light-clean feel that cream gives… but hey, I am trying!

As I design for others, I get a taste of every design style on the planet and I will tell you those clients who embrace color seem to smile more! I don’t know about you but I want to experience joy in my home. So, please embrace color. You may love it or hate it but at least try it! I have given several options with my, “Best Paint Colors", for 2020 and 2019. Therefore, you have no excuse not to try one and go for it!


Stain is Back


Wood accents in furniture, art and décor are all the rage!  Staining cabinets and adding wood textures in homes are also forecasting to be strong in 2020. What makes it pop is lighter walls. So remember if you add stained pieces having a strong contrast around it is important. Light walls or dark floors really make stain pop! There are a wide array of stain options. From light to dark and even mixing them.

Take your time to get it right and if you have stain already in your home, you’re already on trend! I can’t tell you how much stain I have painted over in the last several years but I think it’s pretty exciting to see it come back so strong.



Be You


I am convinced that there is no more exciting time than now in design. There are so many styles and so many ways to design a home. Rather than being overwhelmed by that, be excited! What that means is there is an acceptance to embrace individuality. Start with inspiration photos, then see the themes within those photos and start to make decisions. Having an overall plan makes all the little decisions easier so quit buying little things here and there from Hobby Lobby and make intentional decisions with what you fill your house with. Your accessories should be what holds memories. Your color choices should be what you love and your home should feel cohesive.

Let your home reflect your soul… there is never a more beautiful space than when it does.


I will end with my saying I tell my kids almost every day, “be you, there is nothing better!”


Designer with a purpose,

Micah Abbananto


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