Creating Balance - Part 3 – Accessories

Mar 20, 2020

The accessories, knick-knacks and personal items throughout a house are what make it a home. When homeowners are ready to sell, however, they need to understand that these details are a distraction to potential buyers. Too many things take away from what should be the focus – the house itself.


Homeowners need to pack up most of the unnecessary stuff, especially items that are highly personal such as unusual art and family photographs. A few tips for editing accessories down to those that highlight the house:

  •   If the focal point is the fireplace, remove all a few items from the mantel. One large piece or three small ones is a good general rule.

  •   Three is the number for balance in décor when choosing accents.

  •   One piece can center a feature you want to highlight.

  •   If you aren’t sure whether you’ve removed enough, take out one more piece.

Keep the popular phrase “Less is More,” in mind when helping your clients get their house Market Ready.

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