Creating Balance - Part 2 - Rearranging or Removing Furniture

Mar 18, 2020

Placement of furniture in each room of a house is critical to creating balance and harmony in a Market Ready house. Regardless of how home sellers think their home looks, if there is too much furniture or it isn’t placed in the room in a symmetrical fashion, buyers will feel like the room is “off,” and won’t be able to picture living in it. There are three key elements to creating a balanced room with furniture:

Edit the Furnishings

In most houses, homeowners can remove at least one or two pieces of furniture and still have a room that looks properly furnished. Over the years, most homeowners add furniture for specific needs without a thought to whether they are cluttering the space. Form is more important than function when creating a market ready home. Encourage sellers to edit down to only the absolute essentials. More empty space translates to a more appealing room.

Creating a Symmetrical Focal Point

There should be a focal point in the room around which the furniture is arranged for a symmetrical presentation. In many rooms, this will be the fireplace or a picture window.  Placing a sofa or other large piece across from the focal point will balance the weight of the room. When putting chairs, end tables, floor lamps, and other elements in the space, keep symmetry in mind by not putting too much on one side of the room.


Keep Size and Proportion to Scale

The size of each piece of furniture must be kept in proportion to the room. Delicate furniture in an oversized room will look wrong, as will massive furnishings stuffed into a small room. Keeping the scale in line with the size of the room while remembering to keep just enough space for natural movement and flow is essential.

Our program helps realtors and homeowners create a market ready home by walking the homeowners through graphics that clearly illustrate how to use furniture to create this balance and create a proper focal point for each room.

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