Creating Balance - Part 1 - Contrast of Light versus Dark

Mar 17, 2020

The darker a room is, it can feel closed in and out of balance. It can feel too heavy to be comfortable for potential buyers. Be sure to stress to your sellers that each room needs to be light and airy so that it feels spacious and balanced. A room that closes in on potential buyers won't encourage a sale.

Focus on the Light

To give a room a lighter, airier feeling that will give a sense of balance and proportion to a space, use lighter colors throughout. White, cream, pale gray or greige walls are a neutral backdrop. Then layer the room with varying light, neutral shades for drapes or shades (open, of course), pillows, wall décor and other accents that will balance out the darker hues of wood floors, upholster furniture and darker furnishings.


Touches of Dark

If everything in the room is light, however, the balance can be thrown off balance. If rooms have light walls, light floors, and blonde furniture, encourage homeowners to strategically add pieces that will ground the room. A few accent pillows in rich jewel tones on a white couch, a bold print in a dark frame, or a floral arrangement to add a spot of color on a table will all help balance out a room that is too stark.

It can be challenging to find the right balance between light and dark. As a rule, when creating a Market Ready home, keep the concept of harmonious color and balance in mind by thinking of lighter colors as the focal point and deeper shades as the punctuation.

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