How To Design Your Own Space

Dec 21, 2019

Ever feel overwhelmed about how to get your house to look like what you want it to? Over the years, I have discovered that this is the number one emotion along with self-doubt that we all feel when it comes to design. I love helping my clients feel calm and confident in their decisions! It’s just as important as knowing how to guide them with their overall design choices. Also, by living design daily I’ve come to realize that there is a process that makes it easier and not so overwhelming.

First, I want you to remember that practice doesn’t make perfect! Practice only helps you create a process. I have learned something on every project I design so perfection is never the goal, the experience and end result is always the goal. I have made some huge design mistakes, so allow yourself to not get it perfect and enjoy the ride of creating your space!

I’ve had the privileged to do “soft design” for some amazing people. By soft design, I mean selecting and purchasing all the interior finishes like furniture and accessories for the home. I’ve had clients who have an unlimited budget and clients who need to shop from thrift stores, Wayfair and Target. I love helping with all kinds of budgets because the end result is the same… a place that speaks to their soul and make them feel proud to live in!

Not everyone can afford a designer to walk them through the whole process but everyone can afford a designer! Quite frankly we can save you a great deal of time and money (but that subject is for another day). " ;)

What I want you to hear is that no matter the budget or scope of the project, the process is always the same! So let’s dive in!

Number 1 ~ Focus

Focus on one space! Don’t try to give your whole house an overhaul at one time. Focus on one area that you want to update the most and stay focused on that!

Number 2 ~Inspiration

Search Pinterest, Instagram or the web for pictures that inspire you for your space. Collect these images and save them in a organized manner. Yes, I said organized! Not lost in your photos on your phone or in random boards on Pinterest. If you are going to spend money creating a space then spend the time to make sure you get what you want. You can print them off in color or cut and paste into a PowerPoint and make your own design board. Don’t skip this step! Your inspiration will reveal themes, colors, and an overall design feel for you to use for purchases.

Number 3 ~ Measure

Measure… measure…. and remeasure!! You may want that sectional but guess what, it may not fit in your living room! So don’t make a single purchase until you have measured out the perimeters of the space to know what will fit! Make sure you measure for walk spaces around furniture as well (approximately 3 feet).

Number 4 ~ Make a list

Make a list of all the items and sizes that need to be purchase so you know what to look for! Always start with big items first.

Number 5 ~ Purchase

Using your inspiration, measurements and list… start making purchases as your budget allows. If you purchase online, read reviews, read measurements and know their return policy.


I hope this helps you have the confidence to create beautiful spaces in your home! Embrace the process and try to remember that it’s a privilege to live in a country where we have the financial blessings to design beautiful homes no matter the budget. So be easy on yourself, purchase what you love and be you!

Leave a comment if you have any questions!


Designer with a purpose,

Micah Abbananto


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