Do's and Don'ts of Hanging Curtains When Selling A Home

Jan 14, 2020

Curtains are Everything!

However... you may want your sellers to forego having curtains when staging their home. This is because curtains play a huge role in how the home looks, feels and is presented. 

It’s not just the style of curtains that may be the issue, though; yes, there’s no doubt that if the seller has drapes that speak the style of the 1980s, they can be hard to look past and can be a great obstacle in the home sale. Homes that are brighter and look spacious are more likely to sell better. However, there’s more to making curtains shine in a home.   Here’s a few rules when it comes to getting the home market ready. 

Remove the Heavy Curtains

If the windows have heavy curtains, especially drapes, make sure to take them off before showing the home. Such curtains make your space look dark, even when you open them. Other than this, make sure to remove any drapes or curtains that cannot be opened. Take all the outdated and dirty looking curtains down.

Clean your Curtains

However, if you have light curtains, make sure to thoroughly wash them yourself or send them to a dry cleaner. Wipe down the shades and blinds, if you have any. Washed curtains would bring a fresh feel and look to your space. In addition, clean the rods and railings to ensure your windows are clean.

Light color and light fabric curtains make your home look big and bright. If you cannot install new curtains for any reason, it is better to take them off and leave the windows empty rather than hanging bad curtains. 

High and Wide

I can’t emphasize enough that curtains must be high and wide to bring balance and help the house look bright and open. The below rule of thumb should be adhered to when hanging curtains:


You may be asking, “Can curtains make or break a space?!”  Absolutely they can!  Balance and symmetry are key to triggering buyers. Therefore, curtains must be right or they should just come down. Curtains can dramatically change a space positively or negatively.

Having no curtains is better than curtains hung wrong!



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