How to Encourage Your Sellers to Have a Market Ready Home

Jan 21, 2020

The best way to motivate your sellers to stage a home is to make them aware of the significance of having a market ready home. The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) statistics on staging show that houses sell 79% faster and for 6-25% more money! 

With this in mind, it is important to bring balance, symmetry, and proportion to the house.  Because this absolutely does affect the buyers’ perception of a house. Our brains are designed to respond to balance. Getting a home market ready can help with that and, therefore, it is quite imperative to stage a house before listing it. However, there are also two important factors a homeowner must adhere to: 

1.  Present the Buyer’s Perspective

It is important to realize that home aesthetics is not everything a buyer will consider. Potential buyers usually do not make decisions based on home appearance. Instead, they view a house, visualizing themselves inside it. They evaluate the home based on the question, “How do I feel in this house?” This is where the balance I described above comes into play. Subconsciously, balance in a house  “feels” much better than one that is unbalanced. 

2.  Putting the Personal Photos Away

While family photos bring emotional appeal to the current inhabitants, a potential buyer would find them quite distracting. Here are the two major reasons why homeowners should take down their personal photos before listing the home: 

  1. A potential homebuyer finds it hard to visualize it as their own with the current owners family photos all around.
  2. There are security reasons; strangers visiting your home can misuse your identity or seeing photos of the homeowners children can put them at risk.

Getting a house market ready is truly very simple and the return on investment can be enormous!  Click the link below to learn how you can help your sellers get their home market ready, sell for more money in less time, AND how you can get more listings


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