How To Make Thousands of Extra Dollars when Selling A Home

Jan 04, 2020

Staging is one of many tools that may not only helps a realtor sell their listing but sell it more quickly and for a better price. In today’s real estate market, savvy home buyers are looking for a house that meets their standards.

If Your Seller's House Isn’t Staged Correctly, Others Won’t See Its Potential

If your listing isn't properly staged, it won't show well to potential buyers, and you could be left with a house sitting on the market for weeks, or even months. Shoppers will see the negatives rather than positives. Elements such as dated furniture, cluttered rooms, and personalization can mask a home's true potential. Market-ready houses sell up to 79% faster, for anywhere from 6%-25% more money. That’s an impressive return on a small investment of time and money to transform your seller's home into a dream home for buyers.

How Proper Staging Can Increase the Value of Your Listing

Home buyers are willing to pay more for a house they perceive as more desirable. Proper staging can increase the value of the house in several ways by creating an atmosphere that is the perfect palette for shoppers looking for a home to make their own. This is achieved several ways:

Crafting a unified vision of the house by staging every room to work seamlessly with the others, creating an attractive flow from room to room.

Maintaining natural symmetry in each room. People subconsciously seek out balance and proportion and are drawn to homes that have this symmetry.

Proper scale and placement of furniture will enhance the perception of size and space. Buyers will pay more for rooms that seem larger and more spacious.

Staging your seller's home with sophisticated, understated and minimal furnishings will increase the value of the property by conveying an upscale elegance and desirability that will translate into a higher selling price.

Make your listing the most sought-after on the market. Having the home properly staged with our Market Ready system before putting it on the market will translate into a quicker sale for a higher price.



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