The Secrets To Why Buyers Choose One House Over Another

Jan 08, 2020

When buying a house, many homeowners admit they aren’t sure why they chose it over another house they purchased. They may say things like, "I don't know; I just KNEW it was the right house for me when I saw it.” This isn't surprising, since 95% of decisions related to buying or selling something are determined by the subconscious mind.

The Power of the Subconscious Mind in Home Buying and Selling

Homebuyers may believe they purchased a house because the price was right or they loved the location, but a large part of their decision was based on their emotional, subconscious reactions to features they may not even be aware their mind responded to.

But these reactions to anything from room color to furniture location create strong emotional responses. If the response is linked to positive memories or help them visualize living happily in that house, they are more likely to buy.

Why Staging A Home for Sale is Crucial

If most homebuyers make the decision unconsciously, how can your home seller improve their odds of successfully selling? Simply by staging the house properly! 

There are several elements to proper staging, including painting the house with colors that will trigger pleasant feelings or evoke warm memories. Color psychology has determined that specific colors evoke positive emotions that lead to sales. Other elements of staging a house successfully include placing the furniture properly and adding design elements that trigger feelings of comfort, safety, and belonging.

All of these elements can help you sell your client's home faster and often for a much better price. The best part? The buyer won't even be aware that the staging contributed to their desire to buy the house!



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