Three Areas Requiring Market Ready Perfection 

Jan 15, 2020

Getting a house market ready for a quick and profitable sale can feel a bit overwhelming to homeowners, particularly if they are busy with work, family, and other commitments. When you have sellers who can't find the time to prepare their home from top to bottom, compromise by getting them to focus on these three essential areas:

The Kitchen

For most families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It's where meals happen, homework is done, entertaining takes place, and much more. Buyers almost always say the most crucial room for them is the kitchen, so it has to be staged beautifully. The room should seem open, inviting, and capable of producing a gourmet meal in style.  

The Master Bedroom

Having the master bedroom market ready means conveying a feeling of serenity and comfort. The master bedroom is a retreat from the world for homeowners. Staging the bedroom is critical because this is where homeowners will spend between a third and a half of their time at home.  It is always a room of the house potential homeowners want to feel they can completely relax in - so make sure it's perfect! 

The First Ten Seconds

While most people agree that the kitchen is one of the top three rooms that sell a house, with the master bedroom coming in second, there is debate about what comes in third place. Buyers don't always agree on this; some say the living room, while others say it's the dining room. But if your sellers are limited on time, focus on what buyers see in the first ten seconds. This is generally the entryway or the first room they enter. The first ten seconds in a house will give potential buyers an overall impression that will stick with them, so sellers have to make sure it’s a “Wow” moment.  Having clutter here such as shoes, any carpeting, or pieces of furniture will take away from what could be a very important moment in a successful showing.

Realtors working with busy sellers must stress the importance of getting these three critical areas market ready for a truly successful home sale.


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