6 Tips for Selling a Home with Toddlers

Jan 31, 2020

Let's face it.  Homeowners with toddlers can find keeping their home neat, clean and ready to show to be a pretty daunting task!  Toddlers are easily distracted, messy, and usually have lots of toys... everywhere!

So, here's six tips to ease the stress and help keep your sellers home in market ready condition.

1. Remove Oversized Toys

 It's difficult for potential buyers to visualize a room as theirs if they can't see past the Barbie™ Dream House or a four-foot-long pirate ship. Put anything oversized in storage, so rooms open up and don't look crowded.

2. Hide Art Projects

Sure, homeowners are proud of that clay dog their daughter made in Kindergarten and the finger painting their son did at Grandma’s, but they need to box these up temporarily (I like to call this prepacking). If the house is being shown to potential buyers without kids, you want them to imagine the home as their sanctuary, not a daycare.

3. Invest in Storage Containers

You don’t want your sellers to feel like their children can’t play with ANY toys while their home is on the market... Help them choose stylish, neutral containers (small baskets on neutral shelving work) which they can use to organize small toys such as Legos™, action figures, and Matchbox™ cars.

4. Cull the Toy Collection

Toddlers often play with their favorite toys over and over and ignore others. Ask parents to select several toys their children love and put the rest in storage for a few weeks. If the children start to get bored with them, they can rotate those toys into storage and bring out some others. As a bonus, the children will feel like these playthings are (almost) new!

5. Avoid Messy Toys

This is not the time for craft projects that involve paste, glitter, or paints. Have homeowners pack these up or send them to the grandparents' house for now.

6. Last-Minute Touch-Ups Help

Remind your home sellers that any time potential buyers are coming over, they should take a few minutes to check doorknobs, mirrors, and appliances for sticky finger (or hand) prints. 

These little details can literally make or break the sale of a home. By staying on top of these suggestions, homeowners with toddlers can show off a beautiful home any day of the week!



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