Best Indoor Paint Colors for Getting Ready to Sell

Jan 29, 2020

Many homeowners ask about the colors that can help draw buyers’ attention and make a home more attractive. The answer is a resounding Greige!

Greige paint colors are the best option because they make a space appear relaxing and sophisticated, they are timeless, and appeal to the masses. 

Let's talk about grays versus greige:  


While gray can be a great option for wall paint, it is quite challenging to work with it. No doubt, gray paint can be stylish and absolutely gorgeous, but it can be tepid or cold if not done right. However, when done right, many shades of gray can make a very unique statement.


Take the best of a gray and beige combined and create a neutral color scheme. Greige has become widely popular in recent years. The combo of the two colors creates the best aesthetics, bringing your space to life. It creates a richer color and can do wonders with warm and cool color schemes. 

When Is Greige Better Than Gray or Beige?

When it comes to versatility, the greige color can run circles around the beige. Usually, a traditional beige includes a strong hint of yellow. Remember this shade is hard to coordinate with cooler tones. The blend of gray and beige creates a neutral tone that can work effectively with cooler colors.

Using the Correct Sheen

No matter what indoor paint color your home sellers choose, ensure that they pick the satin sheen or eggshell over semi-gloss finish, as semi-gloss reflects light (therefore, changing the overall color) and can honestly look cheap.  

At the end of the day, adding a fresh coat of greige paint to the walls will take your sellers house to the next level of being Market Ready! 


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