First Impressions Are Everything - Especially When Buying A Home

Jan 24, 2020

When selling a home, the first ten seconds are the most crucial when potential buyers walk through the door. If they don't get an immediate impression that this might be the right house for them, you've probably missed the opportunity to sell the home. The first few seconds can cement how they feel about the house, and nothing will change their mind, even if the house checks off all the "must-haves" on their list.

First Impressions Mean More Than Concrete Details

Why? Because that first impression is based on their subconscious feelings about the house. There are several things that their minds will notice and acknowledge without them realizing it. While they may be mentally taking in the crown molding or the hardwood floors, they'll also have a visceral reaction based on less tangible aspects of the room.

  • Is the room crowded with too much furniture?
  • Does it feel claustrophobic and dark?
  • Does the space feel dated because of the colors and décor?


The problem is, even though potential buyers know the furniture isn’t part of the purchase, if it contributes an old, uncomfortable feel to the room, the buyers will take away that feeling and associate it with the house. How can your sellers counteract that?

Get Market Ready for a Great First Impression

Make sure every potential buyer who walks through the door gets a favorable first impression; correctly staging a house so that each room feels airy, spacious, and welcoming.

It should be balanced, symmetrical, and harmonious. The right furniture and accents can give even the smallest room an inviting feeling that will have potential buyers longing to live in your sellers house. Correctly staging a home can give your listing the right look for a fabulous first impression that sells your home not only faster, but, per the National Association of Realtors statistics, for more money!


For less than a regular coffee a day, you can get more listings, sell homes faster and make more money for you AND your sellers!  

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