Get Your House Market Ready - What to Expect

Jan 22, 2020

In the past, we've talked about how the subconscious mind influences a home buyer's purchase decision when shopping for a home. It's obvious that as a realtor or a home seller, you need to tap into that subconscious decision-making process to sell a house for top dollar.

Getting your home market ready is the most effective way to do this. Done correctly, it wields a significant influence without potential buyers being aware of it.

With our market ready system, you'll get real results; statistics prove a house that is properly staged sells 79% faster! And, it won't just sell faster; it will normally sell for a price that’s 6%-25% higher than comparable homes in the area – simply because it is Market Ready! It’s a program that means more listings for realtors and higher profits for home sellers, making it a win for everyone!



What to Expect

When you get the Market Ready system, you'll be providing the following powerful tools for each of your sellers that works for every home, including:

  • Advice from master home stager Micah Abbananto. She'll walk them through a complete home consultation in a series of videos, outlining a simple but effective staging system that's been proven to increase profits while reducing sales time. Her know-how is based on extensive research into the science of staging, and she'll share it all in these short, easy to follow videos.

  • Room-by-room outline of the science of home staging from beginning to end, including a complete home consultation video showing the entire process. Your seller will take away valuable examples that touch on aesthetics, balance, harmony, and many other crucial home staging concepts.

  • Fifteen detailed graphics they can download for easy reference. These graphics illustrate powerful staging concepts, including how to stage each room, proper furniture placement, creating a beautiful atmosphere, and more.

  • Bonus content! An interview with creator Micah Abbananto, who shares additional tips for creating a Market Ready home. You’ll also receive downloadable color palettes to help your seller paint their home’s interior in shades that will enhance its beauty and make it Market Ready.

  • Follow-up emails from Micah that will inspire homeowners to follow the Market Ready program and keep them motivated as they prepare to sell their home for top dollar.


For less than a regular coffee a day, you can get more listings, sell homes faster and make more money for you AND your sellers!  

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