How Curtains Can Make Or Break A Successful Sale

Feb 11, 2020

Curtains are such a fixture in most houses that homeowners cease to notice them and are unaware of just how important they are when selling a home.

As their realtor, it's up to you to point this out. Dated or dark curtains can detract from the potential of any home, particularly if they are in a particular color or style that isn't to the taste of potential buyers. In fact, most curtains also keep out light and make rooms appear darker and smaller.

Of course, like anything, pointing out the problems with curtains to home sellers needs to be done diplomatically. Start by saying, “I tell all my clients…” so that your sellers don’t take your comments personally, then explain the problems with curtains, including:

  • Curtains keep out the light, and home buyers want lots of light.

  • Curtains make a room appear smaller, and home buyers want plenty of space.

  • Curtain colors and styles are too personal, and you want potential buyers to picture their own style in the home.

There are some instances where curtains can remain in a house. If the curtains are hung “high and wide,” letting in lots of light and making the windows appear larger, they can remain. Only, however, if they are simple in style and neutral in color. Otherwise, it is best to remove them so that home shoppers see the room, the windows, and the natural lighting, not the curtains.

Curtains cover up rather than reveal the beauty and potential of a room, so make sure your home sellers understand why removing them is crucial to a successful home sale.  

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