How to Get a Home Sold in Just Ten Seconds

Mar 10, 2020

When potential home buyers walk into a home that’s for sale, the most important impression is the one made when they walk through the door. You can lose their interest before they even see the floor plan or venture into the next room if you don’t focus on the first impression

It’s a Feeling, Not a Fact

First impressions are usually based on a feeling people have rather than specific things on a "must have" list. If asked to express the reasons behind their reaction, most potential buyers won't be able to clearly explain it. It won't be about square footage or the layout of the house. It will be about things like:

  •   Whether things look cluttered
  •   If the room seems dark or dreary
  •   How personalized or unattractive the colors or décor are

These are things that the home buyers can easily change if they buy the house, but they can make a bad first impression that can’t be overcome.


Prepare a Market Ready Home

To overcome an unfavorable first impression, make it market ready. Use furniture and art that contribute to a spacious feeling. Pain the rooms in neutral shades that help them envision putting their own stamp on the home. Let in as much light as possible. Remove unnecessary items.

With just a few relatively inexpensive tweaks, you can help your clients transform their home into a market ready beauty that appeals to a wide range of buyers as soon as they walk in the door. With more interested buyers, you’ll get a faster sale for more money, making both you and your clients happy.

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