How To Get Your New Listing Market Ready (and Sold)

Mar 13, 2020

Talking to your home sellers about getting their house market ready can be a delicate task. They may be defensive (after all, they love their house just like it is!) or resistant. The best way to get them on board is to let them know how important a market ready home is to a successful sale. Statistics from the National Association of Realtors® say proper staging results in homes that sell for 6-25 percent more and up to 79 percent sooner. Those are potent stats!

To get those results, home sellers should keep these tips in mind:

Balance and Symmetry Makes Home Buyers Feel Good

Even if potential home buyers don’t consciously understand why, they will respond more favorably to a house that is balanced and symmetrical. It just feels good to be in a room that is balanced from side to side and top to bottom. Help your homeowners create that feeling with proper furniture and accessories placement. Remind them that this is about selling the house, not sharing their memories.


Create a Clean Slate

Removing personalized items such as family photos, children's craft projects, and your own highly personal taste in art is essential. It gives potential home buyers a clean slate for imagining how they will personalize the home when they are living in it. They will be able to envision their own children in it, their own family photos gracing the walls, and their personal possessions in each room.

Removing personal items may be difficult for some home sellers. Point out that removing personal photos and information also protects their identities and their children. This can make the process more appealing to them.

These are just two steps toward making a house market ready. Be sure to share these tips and more with your home sellers for a quick sale for top dollar.

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