How to Properly Hang Wall Decor

Feb 13, 2020


Wall décor of any kind can enhance the market-ready appeal of a home, but only if it's done sparingly and if the décor is placed correctly. When potential buyers look at a room, wall décor that isn't balanced can be jarring even if people don't consciously know why.

Choose the Right Wall Décor

Help your clients choose the right wall décor to get their homes market-ready. Remind them that personal photos, portraits, and controversial art that's political or religious in nature should be tucked away. Soothing images, abstract art, and landscapes are all excellent choices. Keep colors in mind as well. Neutral tones are best, as are simple frames or even wall décor that is frameless.

Hang Your Wall Décor Properly

Talk to your clients about where on the wall they should hang the wall décor. Not surprisingly, most people hang artwork at a level that's comfortable for them. If your clients are both very tall or on the short side, their artwork may not be placed at a height that is comfortable for most people. To hang wall décor at the best height for a market-ready home, measure 60" to 65" inches from the floor. This should be the center point of the wall décor. For larger pieces or in rooms with higher ceilings, opt for 65" above floor level. For smaller works of art and a standard ceiling height, closer to 60" will usually work best.

Wall décor that's appropriately hung can add a welcoming feel to a market-ready home that invites potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the house surrounded by beauty.

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