How to Stage to Sell

Mar 03, 2020

Every home seller believes their house is tastefully and perfectly decorated. In many cases, they may be right – it’s perfectly decorated for them. But that doesn’t make a house market ready, which is a very different thing.

Decorating Is Personal

A home’s décor reflects the tastes of the people who live in it. It is specific to their personalities and preferences. It may be old-fashioned, edgy, or bohemian. Making a home a market ready home is one that is de-personalized and focuses on being balanced. A market ready house is one that potential buyers will see as a canvas for their own decorating vision. It offers endless possibilities to create a home that reflects their personal taste.



Neutral is Nice

Paint colors are one of the most personal features in a home. A market ready house should have colors that recede into the background, not grab attention and hold it. Neutrals such as shades of greige are ideal because they are more universal in their appeal and aren't off-putting. Homebuyers can envision their own color schemes in a neutral home.


Get Rid of Personal History

Every home tells the story of its residents. Knick-knacks, family photos, the schedules on the refrigerator, and even the magazines on the coffee table reveal the current homeowners' history. Children's toys are also a distraction and should be corralled as much as possible. By removing these highly personal items, you’re creating a clean slate for potential home buyers. They will be able to imagine themselves in a home that doesn’t scream that someone else lives in it.

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