Just Say “NO” to Accent Rugs

Jan 28, 2020

Why should you say “NO,” to small area / accent rugs?  When preparing a home for sale, homeowners need to edit out the items that aren’t necessary or that needlessly clutter a space. Accent rugs are an often overlooked feature that can drag down the appeal of a home. 

They Are a Hazard

When there are various accent rugs scattered across floors, they can be a safety hazard. Homeowners don’t want potential buyers to trip and fall, injuring themselves and creating an unfortunate association with the property.

Accent Rugs Make Rooms Seem Smaller

Runners in a hallway, small rugs in bathrooms, or accent rugs in the kitchen all break up the floor space, creating choppy spaces that are visually cluttered. A bare tile or wood floor looks larger without accent rugs. 

Accent Rugs Are Distracting

Whether being viewed in person or in photos, accent rugs can be distracting, pulling focus from the space itself. Homeowners want potential buyers to look at the floors, the size of the room and the wonderful light in the room. If they are looking at the pattern in the rug, buyers could miss the beauty of the room.  However, large area rugs, when used correctly, can accentuate a room beautifully.

It’s a Matter of Taste

Accent rugs or area rugs that are colorful or vibrant are one of the areas where homeowners express their individuality through color and pattern. Remind homeowners that they want the house to become as neutral as possible, so these colorful rugs should be tucked away in the attic or put in storage.

Accent Rugs Can Make Buyers Suspicious

You don’t want potential buyers to think damaged wood or cracked tiles are being camouflaged by accent rugs.

With so many reasons to say “No” to accent rugs when you’re showing a home, is there any reason homeowners should say, “Yes”?  Not really!

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