Pillow Power!

Feb 21, 2020

When getting a house market ready, pillows are one of the few areas where you may want to add rather than subtract. The right combination of pillows in various sizes, colors, and patterns can really dial up the look of a room. Two areas where this is particularly important are the living room and the bedroom.

Using Pillows to Guide and Enhance

In the living room, a mix of pillows will break up the lines of a sofa and make it more inviting, creating movement for the eyes as potential buyers look around the room. The right colors and understated prints can also tie everything together in the space, bringing in common elements from wall décor, other furnishings, floors, and window coverings. In the bedroom, pillows add a feeling of luxury and comfort to the bed and give it a more finished, “high end” look.

How to Use Pillows Effectively

Here are a few tips you can pass on to homeowners to help get their homes market ready:

  • Adding light colored pillows like cream or white can actually help a dark space feel brighter.  But avoid being too perfectly matched; a mix of a few patterns with solid colors will work well but stick to perhaps 3-4 colors at the most.

  • Use a mix of pillow sizes for visual interest. 24”X24” with 17”x17” pillows is a great start. For larger furnishings and beds, a 14”X20” breaks up the visual line and keeps the eyes moving.

  • Embrace an asymmetrical look. While homeowners should strive for balance in furnishings and room scale, an asymmetrical arrangement of pillows is more inviting.

But one absolutely key factor is this:

Pillows are to always be upright!! 

Slanted pillows look messy and imbalanced in photos - take a look at some photos of living rooms and you'll see what I mean!  Remember to plump those pillows up before every home showing. A nice crease in the center of an upright pillow keeps the look fresh but informal.

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