Quick and Easy Ways to Make Your Master Look Like A Luxury Hotel Room

Feb 05, 2020

At the time of getting a house market ready, you and the current homeowners probably have so many ideas in your head about what can be done. However, nothing can beat the chic luxe appearance and feel that luxury hotel rooms have. So, if you want to bring an elegant urban flair to your room, follow these simple tips: 

Warm Lighting

When it comes to luxurious hotels, almost all rooms include sconces or lamps at the side of the bed. This helps create a balanced symmetry in the aesthetics of the room. They also create a warm and cozy environment. So, adding sconces or lamps in your room can be a good idea.

Wireless Speakers

Putting up a wireless speaker is another amazing way to add luxe flair into your bedroom. If you do not have a TV, this will be a great option. You can sync these speakers with your computer or phone and play soft music at the time of showing. 

European Pillows 

In luxury hotels, you may often see a square, large, or Euro pillows set at the back of the hotel bed. European pillows offer sophisticated aesthetics and are also functional. These pillows will help make your master room bed appear and feel super luxe. 

Luxe Sheets

Another great way to snazz up your master bedroom is to add a fabulous set of sheets on your bed. However, make sure to spread a white set of sheets to keep the luxe look hotel rooms usually boasts. Since rooms in luxe hotels use percale sheets or sateen sheets, make sure to use the same material.

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