The Power of Prepack vs Declutter

Feb 12, 2020

Helping your clients get their house market ready is simpler if you keep in mind that it's mostly about perception. It's easier to get homeowners on board with changes you want to make and steps you want to take if they perceive these things in a positive light.

Keeping It Positive

When you refer to it as pre-packing, you’re truly putting everything in a positive light. You are letting the homeowners know that you’re confident their house will sell, and soon! The messaging is that they aren’t pre-packing (or decluttering) to try and make the house more appealing, because, of course, it’s already appealing! Referring to it as pre-packing is also a reminder of just how much less they’ll need to do when the sale is a done deal. There's lots of packing that will need to be done, so now is the time for homeowners to start.

Preserving Their History

While you may want homeowners to “declutter” their home, using this term can have a negative connotation for homeowners. You don’t want them to feel defensive about their cherished possessions and photos being considered “clutter.” Referring to it as pre-packing will give homeowners the sense that they are packing up their mementos and favorite belongings to take into their new life in their new home instead of simply hiding it away. 

Pre-packing is a word that looks to their future. They are preserving memories and protecting the things they love until they get the opportunity to unpack them in a new house… that they will call their home

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