What Truly Makes A Buyer Fall In Love With A Home

Feb 03, 2020

Many subtle effects influence potential home buyers' impressions of the houses they look at. Most of the time, they aren't consciously aware of why they do or don't fall in love with a particular house because so many things can (and do) influence them.

So, make sure your home sellers address these critical issues if they truly want to sell their house quickly, and for the best price: 

First Impressions

Homeowners only have about ten seconds to make a first impression. Shoppers will quickly scan the home or room and register a visceral reaction, so make sure that response is positive. The first impression should be an impression such as "neat," "spacious," "comfortable," or "peaceful."


Homeowners need to create a welcoming but neutral atmosphere. Painting the home's interior in shades of greige, cream, off-white, and other pale neutrals will ensure the colors aren't the focus. Because color choice is very personal, a pale, crisp canvas is best. Accent colors should stay light and fresh shades such as pale, creamy greens, silvery shades, and light, soft neutral hues such as terra cotta – but remember to use these in small doses!


Fragrance sets a mood. For a welcoming, homey effect, scents like vanilla, sugar cookie, or gingerbread work well in the kitchen. If the home's location is a selling point, use tropical scents for a beachfront property or a pine-scented candle in a lodge home in the mountains. Light florals and fragrances such as crisp linen are also fantastic without being overpowering. Avoid strong, unusual perfumes.

Keep It Impersonal

Although this has been mentioned before, it's worth repeating. Home sellers don't want their house to reflect their lives. Potential buyers want to imagine their own lives within the walls of the home, so ask sellers to remove family pictures and vacation photos. They should also clear the bulletin board and refrigerator of all schedules, school papers, and other personal references.

Getting a home market ready with the above four concepts in mind will maximize the appeal of any home being sold. Talk to your sellers to make sure they understand the importance of them and work with them to make sure buyers fall in love with their home the moment they walk through the door.

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