Why Color is Your Sellers' Enemy

Feb 07, 2020

Interior decorators often talk about adding a "pop of color" to a room when discussing home décor and design. If homeowners are creating a space to reflect their style and create a distinct personality in their home, this is one way to do it. When homeowners are trying to sell their home, however, a pop of color is their enemy. Too much of a distinctive or bold color can unbalance the look of the house and ruin the balance of the space.

Creating a Blank Canvas

As their realtor, you need to remind homeowners that depersonalizing their home and creating a blank canvas for potential buyers is crucial to selling their house. When staging, the color should recede into the background, so the unique features of the home are at the forefront.

The Critical Role of Color

Color is one of the most noticeable features of a home because it is found in every room, on every wall, and on the trim. As a realtor, steering your home sellers toward neutral but attractive colors is essential.

Greige is a blend of two colors, creating a perfect neutral that has both the coolness of gray and the warmth of beige. This color is timeless and appeals to every taste. It is also a color that comes in various hues, giving homeowners some choice while keeping the overall look neutral. Greige works well in any room, so homeowners should consider painting every room greige. It will look crisp and fresh, plus unify and balance the overall look of the home.

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