3 Steps for Creating A Beautiful Market Ready Interior

Mar 04, 2020

If you have sellers who would like you to help them create an inviting interior to attract the most buyers, don’t be intimidated. Helping them create a beautiful living space that is market ready is a talent you can add to your resume simply by offering them our market ready system! 

Our system takes sellers through each and every step to ensure their home is perfectly balanced and symmetrical - which equates to being market ready.  Here are three steps to help them on their way.

1. One Space At A Time

Trying to create a look for the whole house can be overwhelming. Taking one room at a time through our system relieves this stress.  Honing in on the three most important areas of a home is a great place to start (you can read about these areas here).  Focusing their efforts on these spaces as a starting point, they can work toward the  rest of the home more easily.



2. Define the Budget

Oftentimes, no budget is actually necessary at all for getting a home market ready - especially when you can eliminate a professional stager.  The removal of many items is often all that is needed, however, purchasing a few decorative items to ensure you utilize the 1,2,3 rule (more on this within our system!) can complete most rooms within any budget.

3. Spring Cleaning

Speaking of removing items... there's no time like the present to Spring clean, no matter what time of year it is!  If your sellers haven't used a piece of furniture for some time, or not used certain items on their kitchen counters, it's probably a safe bet to give them away, take them to Goodwill or have a yard sale.  If there are items, however, that are cluttering up areas but are not something they want to sell or giveaway, then the prepacking concept is the way to go (read more about decluttering vs prepacking here)!

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