3 Things You Must Know About What REALLY Influences Buyers

Mar 11, 2020

There are lots of variables that affect how potential home buyers react to houses they consider when home shopping. Any time they walk into a home that's cluttered, has an odor, or isn't decorated in a style they like, the chances of them keeping an open mind diminish. That first impression is crucial and can't be taken away or changed.

By creating a great first impression, home sellers can dramatically increase the chances that buyers will be able to imagine themselves purchasing and living in the home. In fact, four out of five shoppers looking at a house know within seconds whether a house is a good fit for them.

What influences them the most?


1. A Good First Impression

The exterior of your clients' home will immediately evoke a response from potential buyers. Curb appeal can't be undervalued. Some attractive plants, a clean porch, an inviting entryway, and a green lawn are all part of the package. Make sure there aren't toys littering the yard or sagging shutters.

2. Lots of Light and Space

No one wants to live in a cave. Open the curtains or blinds, place furniture to take advantage of the natural light and maximize the space. Less furniture is better than more furniture. Help your clients make their homes market ready by helping them edit rooms to remove clutter, keeping only essential furniture and accessories that are scaled to the space.

3. Depersonalization

It's easier for homebuyers to imagine making a house their home if they aren't staring at lots of photos of the home sellers' families. The same goes for refrigerator magnets, family calendars and schedules, school art projects, and take-out menus. Instead, opt for clean surfaces (including the fridge and chalkboard) and abstract art rather than vacation souvenirs.

Understanding the psychology of how potential home buyers think and respond when looking at homes will make a quick sale for top dollar easier for your clients, and you!

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