Getting Market Ready: The First Ten Seconds

Feb 19, 2020

Most homeowners know that two areas of a home that are most important to potential buyers are the kitchen and the master bedroom. Many don't realize, however, that the first ten seconds are just as crucial. Be sure your clients understand just how vital those ten seconds are:

First Impressions Can’t Be Changed

It’s an old saying but a true one that, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This is particularly true when showing homes because buyers will normally only be there for a few short minutes.

The impression a home makes when buyers walk through the door will determine whether those buyers want to see any more of the house. Will they be excited or let down? Ask your homeowners to walk through their own front door and look at it through fresh eyes. Perhaps they could have a friend do this with them to give them an honest viewpoint.

View Through Buyers’ Eyes

As soon as someone walks through the front door, their eyes will sweep the space. Be sure your homeowners have addressed every area seen in those first ten seconds.

  •       Get rid of clutter such as shoes, coats, area rugs, and bookbags
  •       If the hall bathroom is visible, make sure it is clean and fresh
  •       If there is a foyer, make it balanced and spare, without too much going on
  •       Remove any unneeded furniture
  •       Make sure curtains are correctly hung and open to let in plenty of light
  •       The stairway should be polished and clean

A welcoming, open, and pared-down entrance can create the ideal first impression, creating anticipation in potential buyers and leading to a quicker sale. Set your homeowners up for success by helping them create the perfect ten second first impression.

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