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Feb 25, 2020

Before & After Series: Living Room

If there's one thing that is resoundingly apparent, it's that having a staged home to live in is not the same as having a staged home to sell.   We call this Market Ready.

The key to having a market ready home is simple:  Ensure that you have balance and symmetry in each and every room.  We talk about this in our other blog posts regularly including wall decor, hanging curtains, accent rugs, three areas requiring perfection, and much more.  But today we want to dive a little deeper and show you some of the steps we took to bring this balance and symmetry to a living room.  

As you can see, this is certainly a beautiful room with lots of light (note the absence of curtains) and wonderful hardwood floors.  

However, there lots of ways to make this market ready by making some simple changes:

1.  The bar on the left has many items on it, making it cluttered and not balanced.  These items were removed to make for a more clean, finished look.

2.  The room has a total of three chairs and two couches - way too many and definitely not balanced nor symmetrical.  The three chairs were removed, leaving just the two couches.

3.  While it is not obvious in the before picture (due to one of the chairs being in the way), the coffee table had numerous items on it making it staged to live in, not staged to sell.  These items were removed and replaced with a more simplified look, incorporating the 1, 2, 3 rule of getting your house market ready.


4.  Speaking of staged to sell... the shelves were riddled with many decorative items, however, it needed to also be simplified, again with the 1, 2, 3 rule.  Most of the items were removed to obtain this balanced look.

5.  Art from the mantle did not make the room feel symmetrical either so this was removed entirely.

6.  Pillows were scare and not properly placed in the before picture.  With some additional pillows added with very slight pops of color and placed upright, the room became more balanced.

7.  Some modifications are more subtle than others - this includes the placement of furniture with that of the area rugs.  Just a small move brings balance in the room overall.

As you can see, the after picture has a completely different look and feel to it and is now market ready!   It's truly amazing what just a few simple tweaks can accomplish in a room.  

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